Microchip PIC32 32-Bit Microcontroller

I will be making comparisons between the PIC18C452 and the PIC32MX360F512L microcontrollers. The program for the PIC32 will be written using the MPLAB C32 C compiler and the generated assembly code will be analyzed. The program for the PIC18C452 was written in assembly language.

Transmitting Float and Integer Data Types Over an RS-232 Port

Using pointers to break the data types into byte size data
1/9/2010 9:49:00 PM

Speed and Efficiency Testing

Working with Control Flags
6/12/2009 1:40:00 PM


  • 32 Bit RISC CPU
  • 80MHz Max Frequency
  • 512K Flash Memory
  • 12K Boot Flash
  • 32K SRAM Memory


  • 16 Bit Wide Instructions
  • 8 Bit Wide Data Path
  • 32K EEPROM Memory
  • 1536 Bytes RAM Memory